WGM's Membrane and Electrodialysis systems are used in many process of the dairy industry, bringing benefits as: Savings with the transport of milk and whey; Increase the production capacity of cheese and other dairy products lines with milk pre-concentration; Standardize the dairy products with protein standardization of milk; reduction of environmental impact with water reuse and product recovery from rinse water and other streams, increase of revenues by transforming waste in by-products to sale. Typical applications:


- Whey concentration.
- WPC35, WPC50, WPC70, WPC80, WPC90 E WPI production.
- Whey and Derivative Fractionation – Whey Isolates Protein.
- Whey demineralization for 30, 50, 70 and 90%.
- Deacidification of acid whey.
- Water and condensate reuse.


- Standardization/homogenization of milk solids.
- Milk concentration for the manufacture of cheese, curd, yogurt and dulce de leche.
- Microfiltration of milk for casein separation.
- Water and condensate reuse.

Cheese Brine

- Microfiltration for brine purification.


- Longer use of brines.
- Effluent volume reduction.
- Maintains the brine chemical equilibrium.
- Eliminates bacteria, yeasts and molds.
- Improvement of final product quality.