The MLM/100 cheese mold washer was developed by WGM to ensure the perfect cleaning and sanitizing of cheese molds reducing labor, water and steam costs.

The MLM/100 is a tunnel-type machine built with a central module of 6 meters long, made of self-supporting type AISI 304 stainless steel plate, mounted on rectangular tubular feet. It is divided into three sections:

1- Pre-rinsing section using water recycled from the final rinse section.
2- Chemical cleaning section with indirect steam heating, with temperature control and with a pump for circulation the chemical solution.
3- Final rinse section with fresh water inflow and a centrifugal pump for pre-rinsing water recovery and circulation.

Top and side guides for molds along the tunnel in stainless steel. Inspection doors at each sector. Conveyor belt, threaded spray nozzles easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance. Automatic chemical products dosing system.

Control panel in stainless steel cabinet with: emergency stop, start / stop button, key for frequency inverter control and pump activation

Washing Capacity examples:

- 100/h of multi-molds with 45 molds of 80 mm in diameter, with overall dimensions of 1000 x 591 mm.
- 2.000/h of round molds with 110 mm diameter.
- 300/h of boxes with dimensions 560x360x280 mm.