WGM offers its customers the WCLEAN line, a complete line of membrane cleaning products developed to obtain maximum performance, ensuring cleaning efficiency and membrane long life.

WCLEAN-ALC: Alkaline cleaning solution used to remove from membranes organic fouling/sediments/deposits in various industrial processes.

WCLEAN-ACI: Acid cleaning solution used to remove inorganic fouling.

WCLEAN-ENZ: Enzyme cleaning solution composed of protease and lipase enzymes, used to remove proteins and fats based fouling, mainly in dairy processes.

WCLEAN-DET: Highly Concentrated acid detergent, used to remove fat deposits in the membranes.

WCLEAN-CONSERV: Preservative solution specially formulated for the membrane conservation when out of operation.

WCLEAN DN: Concentrated non-ionic detergent used to remove oils and fats deposited on membranes. It is usually used in alkaline cleanings.

WCLEAN ENZ SUC: Protease enzyme (Subtilisin), pectinase and cellulose solution, very efficient to remove protein, pectin, wax and fibers found on membranes used in the wineries and juice processors.

WCLEAN – DL: Concentrated solution of non-ionic detergent, with sequestrant, used  to remove oils, greases and heavy metals fouling the membranes.

Chlorine Analysis Kit:

Used to control chlorine content in membrane cleanings and sanitization. This is an essential control to ensure the best performance of cleaning and durability of the membranes.

Technical Support:

To ensure the efficiency of our cleaning products and improve the systems productivity, WGM offers a technical assistance service for the WCLEAN product line. Our technician analyzes production and cleaning water conditions and will implement a System Cleaning Protocol; adjusting cleaning products quantity, circulation flow, cleaning time and temperatures to be used in each system. In addition, he does the training of the local technicians to assure that they will do the correct cleaning process.