Reusing water is an increasingly common decision in industrial business. Most of the time it is strategic to ensure the full capacity operation of it, even in situations of water availability reduction. This reduction can occur due to droughts, legal limitation to increase the volume of water withdrawal or limitation of the water and/or wastewater treatment capacity in the company.

In addition to the strategic reason, there is the benefit of reducing the environmental impact, by reducing water collect from well or rivers and by reducing the amount of effluent discarded in the environment.

When the reuse is done before the final treatment as effluent, in the middle of the process, it has the advantage of reduce the waste volume, increasing the efficiency of the Effluent Treatment. When building a new Effluent Treatment plant, the required area will be smaller.

Membrane Systems are the most efficient process for this treatment as it ensures constant quality for the treated water and have a lower operating cost when compared to conventional processes.

Typical Reuse Applications:

- DAIRY: Evaporator concentrate/evaporator condensate (cow water), CIP water, permeate of whey and milk from membranes systems.
- GELATINS: gelatin and collagen permeate from membrane systems.
- BIOTECHNOLOGY: evaporator condensate.
- FOODS: evaporator condensate, washing waters